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Why choose
RepairComputer.Com.Sg is powered by PulseFusion Pte Ltd and we have been around for more than 20 years in the Information Technology industry. Our engineers are well trained and have rich experience in dealing with computer repairs, network device configurations and also providing IT solutions. We would like to extend our services to you and your organizations.

How is different?
We are professionals in the IT industry. Our engineers are trained to do onsite repairs and consultations. Unlike other computer repair companies, we operate both during office hours and after office hours. Our engineers are always on standby to assist you and your organizations.

What is the cost of engaging
The advantage is we offer you a One Time flat fee payment. Don’t worry there is no more additional cost involve unless there’s a need to replace the hardware.

What is meant by an On-Site service? Why is it beneficial?
We attach our engineers to our client’s location island wide Singapore for both homes and offices. In this way, our clients will not need to go through the hustle to send their computer or laptop down to a shop to repair which will takes a lot of their time and effort.

How do can we engage immediately?
We are always contactable through (65) 9790-0126. You may call us at anytime and we will respond and we can set an appointment for you as soon as possible.

Call us now at Helpdesk Hotline (+65) 9790-0126 for an immediate appointment or fill in your details on the form (right side of web page).

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