About Us

RepairComputer.com.sg provides computer services in Singapore to our growing base of commercial and residential customers.

Our approach increases business productivity and reduces network and computer down-time by providing a superior level of IT support.

Our proactive services create a more stable network and computer environment by preventing many common network and computer issues before they occur.

Our Computer Repair Singapore team is comprised of certified Engineers, computer repair specialists, technical sales representatives and service-oriented administrators.

About Pulsefusion Pte Ltd

Pulsefusion Pte Ltd is an IT solutions provider for business and residential customers in Singapore.

IT consulting and service is our specialty.

A wise business manager needs good people in charge of crucial company information – people who are knowledgeable, trustworthy and reliable.

Pulsefusion Pte Ltd has a crew of experienced and accredited IT consultants that will meet your company’s needs and keep you moving forward in your business, 24/7. We currently service many of the largest corporations and municipal offices in Singapore, as well as many start-up and small businesses.

We agree that downtime is NOT an option. If you’re not moving forward, you’re moving BACKWARDS!

The average business spends at least 3% of their gross revenue on IT needs. Don’t let a single penny of your investment go to waste.

Call Pulsefusion Pte Ltd for a free consultation regarding any of your IT requirements, including

  • IT consulting, IT service and solutions
  • Computer hardware and network repair and network installation
  • Network and hardware stability evaluation
  • Remote networking setup and security (VPN, remote login, etc.)
  • Custom software applications and modifications
  • Company web site design
  • Process automation
  • Data recovery
  • Intranet development
  • Managed dedicated exchange servers
  • Communication device integration solutions, i.e. Blackberry, IPhone, etc.

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